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Robert Wight Registered Nutritionist

Registered Nutritionist

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I attend the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition during the period of 2020-2023 and graduated with a certificate of Merit in Natural Nutrition.

My background as a Line Cook and Red Seal Chef prior to becoming a Nutritionist taught me the importance of hard work, passion for attaining top quality, and it deepened my love for all food: plant, animal, and last but certainly not least- microbes (bacteria and fungus that help us to live happy and healthy lives).

I never cared too much for the sciences as a youth, but in my early 20’s I developed a deep curiosity towards the natural world and our place in it and I feel my continued studies in that area help me to make informed decisions on when it comes to proper health and wellness for each unique individual.

I meet with clients one on one and discuss potential health concerns and their main purposes of seeking nutritional guidance. I then use active listening to help them find solutions to any imbalances they may be experiencing. After our meeting I forward a Comprehensive Nutritional Guide to them which includes a 5-Day Meal Plan, Supplement Review, and Lifestyle Recommendations. I then continue to work with clients in the following weeks and months to help them stay on top of their health goals, whatever they may be!

I became a Nutritionist because I care about our planet and the living creatures that inhabit it. Our current diet in the west, and the agricultural system that supports it, is unwell and unlikely to sustain us for much longer. It is in desperate need of reshaping and remolding towards a more sustainable and humane future. I believe this will take many qualified individuals and I want to be part of that group. I also teach what I most need to learn. I come from a family of addiction and a community or obesity, which many of us do. I like to offer hope to people and share some of the wonderful things I have learned over the years that help me, and to continue to learn more.

My personal philosophy is Stay curious. Let nature humble you. Stay strong.

What I do for fun – All types of physical exercise from indoor bouldering, to jiu jitsu, calisthenics , and running! I play a little guitar. I like to have a good meal with close friends and maybe a beverage or two! The outdoors is where I find peace, and long walks/hikes are always a welcome reprieve from the day to day tasks.

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