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Joint Replacement – Arthroplasty

Time to say goodbye to your back pain!! Physiotherapy and Chiropractic can help relieve that pain for good!

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Having a knee replacement is a major surgery that can have a significant impact on your mobility and overall quality of life. While the surgery can reduce pain and enhance joint function, it can also have a variety of post-operative complications, including weakness, a reduced range of motion, and a higher risk of falling. It is important to see a physical therapist both before and after a knee replacement for this reason.

Your strength, range of motion, and overall function can all be improved with pre-operative physical therapy, which can help you get ready for the procedure. By doing so, you may have a quicker return to your regular activities and a smoother, more successful recovery process. Additionally, they can work with you to create a post-operative rehabilitation plan that will help you recover faster.

A physiotherapist will work with you after surgery to gradually regain strength, mobility, and flexibility using a variety of exercises and treatments. Also, they might offer manual treatment to lessen discomfort and swelling as well as instruction on how to use crutches, a walker, or a cane correctly. And can support you as you gradually return to your regular activities after making the safe transition from using assistive devices to walking without them.

Let one of our skilled therapists assist you in healing right away!

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Treatment for Burnout

If you are experiencing Burnout, book an appointment with Apollo Physical Therapy. Our team of Ottawa physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and registered massage therapists can help. We have a convenient central location to serve you with ample parking and wheelchair access.

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