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Whether you`re a professional athlete or play sports recreationally, sports injuries are very common. The most frequent sports injuries that occur include:

It is crucial to achieving not only a pain-free state but a functional state post-injury. Therefore, even if you do not have pain after a sports-related injury, it may cause future complications or imbalances that limit your athletic potential.

Your registered health care professional at Apollo Physical Therapy Centres can address underlying muscle or joint dysfunction that increases susceptibility to injury. By addressing these issues within the treatment plan and setting goals, you can prevent future injuries and enjoy your athletic pursuits to the fullest!

Treatment for Burnout

If you are experiencing Burnout, book an appointment with Apollo Physical Therapy. Our team of Ottawa physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and registered massage therapists can help. We have a convenient central location to serve you with ample parking and wheelchair access.

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