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Darcy Keenan Registered Massage Therapist, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

I studied massage therapy in London Ontario and over the years have taken many courses in different healing modalities. I was introduced to Neuro Emotional technique by my brother Dr Dirk Keenan and had the chance to study under the founder, Dr Walker. I gained certification in acupuncture and have incorporated that philosophy and practice into my therapies. These became game changers for me as I was able to embody them into my allergy elimination protocol with amazing life changing results. In the last few years, I have become very excited about Neural Organization Technique. I have both experienced and seen so many positive changes for people who have had head injuries, concussions, and suffered with chronic pain, it is effective whether the origin is from emotional or physical trauma.

I have always valued life long learning and invest heavily in my professional development. When you combine my years of practice with a thirst for knowledge, it provides me with many tools to help my patients.

As an RMT, my foundational training is the restoration of soft tissues to help people recover from injury or aging, in this clinic and others, my greatest joy is in dealing with life long dysfunction and disorders that keep people from living their best lives. Without wanting to be too boastful, there are very few patients that I have met that I haven’t been able to help in a meaningful way. This is probably the biggest reason why I continue to work in the way that I do. There are very few jobs I can imagine that are as exciting as helping people who have been searching for answers for years or even decades.

I became a massage therapist because I had understood that in my core value system, I had always appreciated the feeling that I got from helping people. I had seen my brother Dirk and my father Bud, both chiropractors get so much from their work and having been a chiropractic assistant as a student, I recognized that I liked working with people. While traveling in Australia, I obtained work at a medical clinic where one of my jobs was to provide some massage for clients and it was pointed out to me by one of the doctors that I should get my qualifications. When I returned to Canada, it was something I just applied to and I was accepted. Eighteen months later I graduated and was able to open a practice within my father’s clinic.

My personal philosophy is that my life and my experience of what life has to offer is happening right now at this moment. I totally support being in this moment and relishing every experience, every milestone, and every relationship. My most important relationship is with myself and I have found that if this personal relationship is sound and healthy, then all my other relationships will be that much richer and satisfying. I really value time on my own and while I am very social and love community, my happiness comes from within. I truly believe that we are here for a purpose and that finding and fulfilling that purpose is what gives us our greatest joy.

I have fun in so many ways including especially what I do for work. When I am not at work, I love time with my friends and family, being outside and exploring nature. My relationship with nature continues to grow as I hike all over. I have always enjoyed the water, sailing, swimming, and my relationship with winter continues to evolve. I think that there are so many wonderful places to live and I treasure the time I have had living, having a practice and running retreats these last few winters in Samara Costa Rica.

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